A message from Apparel Impact!

We all have a bit of an 80's and 90's kid inside of us. Those were the days when you could ride your bike around the city for hours, stopping at 7-Eleven for a refreshing slushy, and then dropping by your friend's house on the way back. Saturday morning cartoons also held a special place in our hearts. They not only entertained us but also had meaningful messages. Do you remember Captain Planet? If you do, you probably remember the song that went along with it: "Captain Planet, he's our hero. He's going to take pollution down to zero." It's been over 30 years since this cartoon aired, but it still has a significant impact on me today. It was the first time I saw a superhero and an entire team of superheroes focused on one goal; protecting the planet.

The purpose of Team Impact is to promote awareness and advocate for reducing textile waste in order to make a positive change for the environment.